Gianpietro Silardi and Alessandro Ercoli, owners of Caffe' Delfini,

have been childhood friends since they were old enough to use a sling shot. 


Growing up in Pomezia, a suburb of Rome, both men's passion

for food was built by their native land.  Their friendship started off in the streets of Rome and continued as they both pursued a better life for themselves.  The way they conduct business today has been largely shaped by their world travels together which eventually landed them in Los Angeles back in 1987. 


In fact, there is a story behind the logo of Caffe' Delfini. The boy grasping the tail of the Dolphin, came from a casual snap shot taken in London by the Albert Bridge.

This picture captured a special moment for the two, childhood Italians

prior to them departing for their "around the world" trip in early 1986.

Once arriving in Los Angeles and becoming settled in their Santa Monica Canyon location, that picture resurfaced the day they were trying to choose a name for the restaurant that is known today as Caffe' Delfini