Our Address:

147 West Channel Road

Santa Monica, CA 90402.

Valet Service provided by:
Westside Parking. Attn: Mr. Mo'
6320 Van Nuys Blvd, Suite 401 Van Nuys, CA 91401 - 818-994-8990

Please utilize our valet parking for convenience and ease.  Valet parking is $15.00 per car and tips are welcome.

Valet parking accepts cash only.

Paying for everyone in your large dinner party.

When planning to pay for all of your guest parking, it is best to discuss charges with the valet prior to the day of your party. You can simply contact our head valet, Carlos, during regular business hours.  Carlos will gladly accept a single payment as long as this will include the average tips per car the valets receive on top of their basic fee.  Please note that any payment of valet services, via Caffe' Delfini credit card point of sale, will need to have sales tax added in.